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When your pet is sick or has been injured, it may not always be easy to tell that something is wrong just by looking at them. What’s more, many pets have a high tolerance for pain, and may not show any outward signs of a problem. That’s why veterinary diagnostics are so important. These invaluable tools allow us to look below the surface of the skin and learn precisely what’s happening inside your pet’s body so that we can quickly and accurately diagnose and treat the problem. The sooner we can get to the bottom of what may be ailing your pet, the better the chances of a positive outcome.

Noah’s Animal Hospital at Wheaton utilizes a wide range of diagnostic tools to help manage the ongoing health of our patients. Whether it’s a simple blood test or something more complex and in-depth, such as an x-ray or ultrasound image, we’re fully prepared and well equipped to get to the bottom of whatever may be ailing your pet so we can address the problem in a timely manner. With many illnesses, time is of the essence. Our facility features an in-house laboratory, which aids in the fast and accurate retrieval of test results.

Our diagnostic services allow us to screen for a number of medical conditions that may be otherwise difficult to detect on the surface of the skin, including diabetes, adrenal gland disease and thyroid disease. We perform the following routine and advanced diagnostic tests in-house for our patients:

  • Blood Work

  • Parasite Testing

  • Testing for Infectious Disease

  • Allergy Screening

  • Urinalysis

  • Fecal Testing

  • Digital Radiology (X-ray)

  • Ultrasound Imaging

In cases for which our veterinarians feel that your pet would benefit from more extensive or specialized testing, Noah’s Animal Hospital at Wheaton has developed relationships with a number of high quality external laboratories where we can send your pet’s tests and be confident of a timely and accurate result.

Rest assured that whatever may be bothering your animal companion, we’re prepared to solve even the most challenging of cases with speed and accuracy and help return your pet to good health as soon as possible.

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