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Wellness & Vaccinations

When it comes to keeping your companion happy and healthy, we firmly believe that wellness care is the key. These routine visits, typically once or twice per year, allow our doctors to capture a snapshot of your pet’s current health and, more importantly, to monitor that health over time so that we can identify and address any changes as they occur. Early detection of illness and disease can vastly improve your pet’s length and quality of life. Noah’s Animal Hospital at Wheaton offers comprehensive wellness care services, including customized vaccination plans to help keep your pet healthy throughout his or her life.

We have worked hard to develop a system of care that addresses all of your pet’s changing health care needs that occur over the course of his or her life. For puppies and kittens, this may mean nutritional advice, parasite prevention and a vaccination plan. For older pets, this may include internal medicine and diagnostic testing to monitor for any changes in health and manage ongoing wellness. For senior pets, this includes specialized geriatric care. We’re prepared to work with you every step of the way to help your pet enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Wellness visits do more than just manage your pet’s current health. These routine visits also provide our vets with the opportunity to identify potential concerns and changes within your pet’s health as they occur, so they can be addressed right away. Prevention and treatment of early onset disease provides for a much better chance of a positive outcome, and is a much more cost effective way for you to approach your pet’s health care. It’s always less expensive to prevent a disease or treat it early than it is to manage it once it’s progressed.

Noah’s Animal Hospital at Wheaton’s comprehensive wellness and preventative health care recommendations include all of the following:

12 Body System Examination – All wellness visits include a complete examination of the body to monitor both external and internal system function. Because our pets age at a much faster rate than us, checkups are recommended every six months, if possible.

Customized Vaccination Plan – Vaccinations are important in protecting your pet from a wide variety of serious, sometimes life threatening diseases. Yet not every vaccine is necessarily appropriate for every animal. Our wellness exams include an in-depth analysis of your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors, which we will then use to develop a customized vaccination plan perfectly tailored to meet your pet’s individual needs.

Preventative Blood Work – With many illnesses and diseases, it’s not always easy to detect their presence through an external exam. Comprehensive wellness care includes routine blood work to help our doctors identify and address any potential medical concerns.


Preventative Dental Care – Dental care plays an important role in your pet’s overall well-being, which is why we incorporate a dental exam as a part of our wellness services. We’ll check your pet’s teeth and gums for any signs of disease, provide recommendations for various products and offer demonstrations of at-home dental care techniques.

Parasite Prevention – If you’re not taking the appropriate measures to protect your pet, you are placing them at a much greater risk of falling victim to external and internal parasites that can wreak havoc on their body and their health. Some parasites can even be spread to humans. Our wellness

care includes a parasite prevention plan that will keep your pet and your family safe.

Nutrition – The right diet and an appropriate exercise plan can help extend and improve the quality of your pet’s life. Nutrition can also assist in managing a variety of existing medical conditions, making them much more tolerable for your pet. As part of your companion’s overall wellness plan, we’ll provide guidance and advice on food and physical activities to keep your pet maintain optimum health.

Lastly, but certainly not least, when you bring your pet to us for regular visits, it allows all of us at

Noah’s to get to know you both better and to develop the all-important doctor-patient bond that we feel is so critical in providing quality veterinary care. The more we learn about you and your companion, the better we are able to develop a more customized and highly effective approach to keeping your pet healthy and happy for life.

Puppy & Kitten Wellness Packages


Your new pet needs special care and attention to improve his or her chances of growing into a strong, healthy adult dog or cat. Our comprehensive and affordable “Kitten Kits” and “Puppy Packs” have been specifically developed to give your new four-legged friend everything he or she needs to stay happy and healthy, including but not limited to:

  • 12 Body System Physical Exam

  • Customized Vaccination Plan

  • Fecal Examination

  • De-Worming Medication

  • Complimentary Dose of Parasite Prevention (first visit only)

At Noah’s Animal Hospital at Wheaton, we understand that your pet is more than just an animal – he or she is an important part of your family. Let our wellness care services improve the chances of your companion enjoying many healthy years by your side.

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